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With the Dodd-Frank Interim Rule on Real Estate Appraisal Requirements, and to also comply with USPAP, State And Federal laws, no value estimates/comparable checks will be made. The links below are tools to assist you in obtaining an estimated value range (please be realistic, many times use of these tools exceeds current market value). This is why having a competent, licensed, and insured, appraiser complete an appraisal is essential. There are many variables - location, physical, functional & external obsolence, condition, repairs, etc. - that need to be considered in the final market value.



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Mortgage Calculators
Mortgage Bankers Association
ACS Appraisal Subcomittee
MBAA stop mortgage fraud
Appraisal Foundation
Bankrate Interest Rate Information
Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council
Fannie Mae
Freddie Mac
Federal Reserve Board Rates
US Bureau of Economic Analysis
US Dept. of Housing and Urban Developement
US Zip Code Look Up
FEMA Map Service Center
Digital Media Services - Flood Maps
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